Confessing Healed Of Cancer Thanks to Herbs, This Woman Fined Rp 4.3 Billion

Confessing Healed Of Cancer Thanks to Herbs, This Woman Fined Rp 4.3 Billion

A health blogger from Australia, Belle Gibson, was found guilty by court for spreading false information and fined Rp 4.3 billion. Belle confessed in his blog that he had cancer and healed thanks to herbal medicines and natural foods. The readers saw Belle’s story very inspiring and from there he also successfully launched applications and recipe books. But then suspicions arose when Belle failed to keep the promise of giving alms worth Rp 4 billion. Also read: Not All Correct, Health Information on the Internet Must be Monitored

Belle himself admits that all his stories are fictitious. He never faced malignant brain cancer and treated it with natural foods

His stories are very useful for groups that are likely to trigger sympathy like young girls, asylum seekers, and sick children, "Judge Debiie Mortimer said. Vice Chairman of National Cancer Countermeasures Committee (KPKN) Dr. dr Sonar Soni Pangoro, SpB (K) Onk, said that people do not easily believe the information on the internet. There is a lot of misleading information that if misunderstood it can be fatal

If we type cancer on the internet that hundreds of thousands are out. Unfortunately the information that makes gemes where the hell is true which hoax. That’s a reality that is often faced, "" said Dr. Sonar

If I ask the patient why the hell comes already (badly-red) rich gini. The answer is simple ‘yes duck I try it first. He said a lot of smart people, "" he concluded.Lead also: Prioritize Medical, Do not Direct Treat Cancer to ‘Smart People’

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